About Islam

Islam translates to "submission" in Arabic. The word is derived from the same root as salaam, which means "peace". The main basis of tenet is submission to the Will of God.

Allah is the Arabic word for "God" and defines His Oneness and His Uniqueness. He is the same God that created Adam and Eve (peace be upon them), Noah (pbuh), Abraham (pbuh), Moses (pbuh), and Jesus (pbuh). Islam is the completion of the Message brought forth by these Prophets and was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by God through the archangel Gabriel.

Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the last and final Messenger of God, sent to preach to all regardless of status or background. He delivered the Message that billions of Muslims around the globe follow, which consists of the Quran, the Spoken Word of God, and the Sunnah (actions) and Hadith (sayings) of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Today, Muslims are diverse in their backgrounds and interpretations of the Words of God and the legacy of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Here at the Duke MSA, we respect and celebrate this diversity of thought and culture!

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