Welcome to the Duke Muslim Students Association!

The Muslim Students Association (MSA) at Duke University is a student-run and SOFC-chartered group on campus. The association strives to represent Muslim students at Duke, and foster campus and community-wide engagement with Islam and Muslims.

Duke MSA’s constituency is comprised of a diverse group of students - undergraduate and graduate, international and American - united by each student’s common belief or interest in Islam. For these students, the MSA is responsible for supporting their religious needs and interests by arranging appropriate facilities, networks, and accommodations on campus. Duke MSA plans religious, social, political, and cultural activities on campus related to Islam and Muslims in order to serve the needs of the wider Duke community, regardless of their beliefs.

Students come to MSA events to build faith together, learn more about Islam and Muslims, or simply to hang out with friends and get to know more people. Whatever your reason, we hope to see you around!