Duke Islamic Studies Center

Duke Muslim Students Association is blessed to have a strong Islamic Studies program on campus, which provides events, courses, professors, and learning experiences for the entire Duke community to use in order to learn about Islam and Muslims. We strongly encourage you to check out the DISC website to see the opportunities offered by them, and keep up to date with their events (which are usually announced in MSA emails). In DISC's own words:

"The Duke Islamic Studies Center is a vibrant, diverse community of scholars and students engaged in interdisciplinary teaching, interactive learning, and cutting-edge research about Islam and Muslims. We are educating today's students to become tomorrow's leaders by equipping them with knowledge about the breadth and diversity of Islamic cultures, cross-cultural experiences, and language skills."

Director of Duke Islamic Studies Center

Dr. Omid Safi

Omid Safi is a professor of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Duke University, and the director of Duke Islamic Studies Center. At Duke, Professor Safi is not only a great instructor, but a charismatic speaker and a key faculty member. His presence for Duke Muslims is invaluable. Among many Duke Muslims, Professor Safi is known for his inspirational and informative talks, lighthearted conversations, and progressive approach to understanding Islam. For these reasons and many others, Professor Safi serves as an important reference for many Muslim students on campus.