Student Events

Friday Meetings

Friday meetings are the cornerstone of Duke MSA! On a Friday night around 6 pm in the Center for Muslim Life, you can always be confident that there is a room full of loving souls, ready to share laughs and conversation. The setting of Friday meetings is usually informal in nature, with activities ranging from game nights, to discussions surrounding current events, to collaborations with other student groups or with guest speakers.

Exec Meetings and Elections

The MSA holds its executive board meetings every Sunday at 8PM in Languages 211. These meetings are aimed at discussing issues pertaining to the Muslim community on campus, figuring out new ideas for events, and hammering out the logistics for upcoming events. MSA's executive board has always had an open-door policy to its meetings; anyone is welcome to attend and voice their concerns or to aid in the coordination of MSA activities. Meeting minutes (notes) are always accessible through the weekly email.

Elections are held every spring semester.

Islamic Halaqas (Study Circles)

Halaqa literally means "circle" in Arabic. In this context, however, halaqa means a study circle. These religious study circles are one of the many opportunities for Duke students to expand their education to environments outside the formal confines of a classroom. Halaqa times will be determined later this year and always announced via email.

An archived set of halaqas can be accessed here.

Fajr in the Gardens

Every other Sunday before the warm Southern sun rises, Duke MSA hosts a group Fajr (dawn) prayer in the Duke Gardens, where students can behold the beauty of God's creation together during this daily prayer. Students usually meet at East and West bus stops to walk to the Gardens together at a certain time.

Biannual Retreats

Once a semester, an off-campus weekend retreat for students is held to escape the hectic atmosphere of Duke in idyllic North Carolina, to take the time to check in religiously in sessions held by a chosen spiritual leader, and of course, to enjoy ourselves and bond with other Muslims. Retreats usually last from Friday evening until early Sunday morning, and are a well-beloved space for making memories with friends.

Class Competition

Early in spring semester, the four undergraduate classes compete to see who can hold the best Friday meeting! Points are given for overall originality and fun, engaging religious/spiritual content, and attendance.


The Muslim Youth Leadership Conference (MYLC) is a one day conference for Muslim students in grades 8-12 hosted at Duke University. MYLC is held in April, and has been organized entirely by volunteer work from Muslim college students over the past two years.