Meet the Board

Meet the MSA Executive Board for 2021-2022


Rashad Rahman


Vice President

Zeinab Mukhtar


Hana Hendi


Saad Lahrichi

Publicity Chair

Reah Syed

Community Engagement Chair

Naim Wright

Large Events Chair

Iyesha Belgrave

Spirituality Chair

Yusuf Zayan


Zibran Vastani

Weekly Activities Chair

Ceyda Alaback

Meet the MSA Advisor

Maryam Arain is MSA's advisor for the 2021-2022 year, as well as the Center for Muslim Life's Student Development Coordinator.

The MSA Advisor is a full-time faculty or staff member of Duke University selected by the executive board and serves as an ex-officio member of the organization and all of its committees. Maryam's duties as advisor include interpreting university policy for MSA, directing members to appropriate campus resources to accomplish MSA's organizational goals, and acting as the official university contact in matters of policy violation.