March 2014 Weekly Emails

Week of 3/2/14

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4 March 2014


Assalamu Alaikum MSA!



The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said to Ashajj, the leader of the tribe of Abdul Qays: “You possess two qualities that are pleasing to Allah; forbearance – not being overcome by anger – and the ability to not act in haste.”





MSA Exec Elections!

Polls close, 7 March Friday, 5:00 pm

We are now having our MSA Executive Board Elections. Please vote online here before 5:00 pm this Friday! Feel free to listen to the speeches of each of our candidates. Voters must have a valid netID and must be on MSA listserv.



Members from Ar-Razzaq Coming This Week

7 March, Friday, after Jummah Prayer

Chapel Basement

Members from Ar-Razzaq Masjid will be joining us at this week's Jummah prayer, and will be staying after to socialize and talk. We will be having conversations on the rich history of Islam in the African and African-American context in Durham and North Carolina. Join us iA!



MSA Class Competition Scores and New Quiz!

Ending THIS Friday 5:00 pm

Here's an update on scoress for each class for the MSA Class Competition. Competition ends this Friday so enter responses before then!


Freshmen: 596

Sophomores: 1336

Juniors: 977

Seniors: 1290

Here's a chance to win your class some points! Fill out this Quiz here!



Jummah Prayer over Spring Break

14 MarchFriday

For those staying on campus during break, Jummahprayers are held on the 6th floor chapel of DukeHospital North at 1:30 pm. You can also attendJummah prayer will also be held at local masjids, including Ar-Razzaq Islamic Center, and at theRaleigh Masjid.



Got Talent?

Do you have an awesome talent that you're ready to show off? Would you like to support a fundraiser for Syria? Sign up to perform at Slam for Syria, our IAM Spoken Word Night inshAllah! We'll be fundraising for Syria there! Sign up to perform at Slam for SyriaHERE.

Additionally, if interested in participating in our fashion show, please contact at nazia.tabassum AT duke DOT edu



IAM: Help with Islam Awareness Month

For our annual Islamic Awareness Month (IAM), we're coordinated multiple events in March centered around the theme of "Islam around the World," spoken word night, Malek Jandali concert & benefit for Syria, a film screening, and talks by nationally renowned Muslims speakers and leaders. 


If you would like to help plan or assist during this busy month, or with the Noor Khan film premiere event, please email aaa35 AT duke DOT edu to be on the committee!



IAM: Help with Noor Khan Film Screening

For our annual Islamic Awareness Month (IAM), as a prt of our coordinated multiple events in March centered around the theme of "Islam around the World," we are holding a premiere of the Unity Productions film " Enemy of the Reich: the Noor Inayat Khan Story."


If you would like to help plan or assist with the Noor Khan film premiere event, please email aaa35 AT duke DOT edu to be on the committee!



Service Opportunities



Weekly Iftars + Food Drive

Because of Spring Break, there will be no weekly iftar next Monday or the Monday upon Spring Break return.



UMRCARE: Central African Republic Emergency Campaign

The Central African Republic is suffering a horrible genocide of Muslims who have lived there for centuries. "An estimated 2.5 million people- well over half of the country's 4.6 million residents- are in need of assistance." UMR is launching a campaign to raise awareness of the horrible injustice going on. Here at Duke, we will be passing out flyers and fact sheets on the situation on Jummah, inshAllah.



Project Downtown

8 MarchSaturday

Downtown Raleigh

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) once said: "Spread the peace, and feed the people."
Join UMR Triangle as we meet up to distribute packaged lunches to our local homeless community in Downtown Raleigh. The lunches will be pre-packaged; all you will have to do is show up, smile, and help pass out bags! Check out the Facebook event!



United Muslim Relief General Body Meeting

24 MarchMonday

NCSU Park Shops 200

Due to the inclement weather, the general body meeting has been postponed to March 24th. InshaAllah, we'll be discussing ideas for service projects this semester including Dodgeball Tourament, Stop Hunger Now, and more! Check out the Facebook event!



No Tutoring and Mentoring Program

Because of Spring Break, there will be no tutoring this coming weekend.

Events on Campus


-CLS scholarship program

-Avicenna- Stanford Journal on Muslim Affairs- Journal Submissions




#>Visit the academic opportunities tab on the DukeMSA site for further details


contact us at dukemsaexec AT gmail com



  • MSA Exec Elections
  • Members from Ar-Razzaq Coming This Week
  • MSA Class Competition Scores and New Quiz
  • Jummah Prayer over Spring Break
  • Got Talent?
  • IAM: Help with slam Awareness Month
  • IAM: Help with Noor
  • Weekly Iftars - on Mondays
  • UMRCARE: Central African Republic Emergency Campaign
  • Project Downtown
  • United Muslim Relief General Body Meeting
  • Parkwood Masjid Tutoring


Recurring Events



Every Wednesday, 8:00 pm at the CML

Join us for the Qur'an halaqa (study-circle) as we begin our next monthly section on the theological issue of salvation, heaven, and hell. We will be covering questions such as: How does the Qur’an present Heaven and Hell, and the fate of different groups in the hereafter? Are all Muslims saved in the hereafter? Are only Muslims saved? What will be the fate of non-Muslims? How have different Muslim theologians in our history understood these very important questions? Check out the website for more detailsabout our schedule for the month and the rest of the year. No Halaqa to be held during Spring break!


Weekly GBM

Friday, 6:30 pm, CML

Join us before our FridayMeetings to discuss exec meeting updates, events that are coming up, and how you can be more involved/help out.



Fridays at 12:45 pm in the Chapel Lounge


The Chapel lounge can be found by going towards the left side of the chapel, down the left steps, and continuing through the accessible entrance. Once inside, take the left and walk towards the back to the lounge. Look for Muslims.


Those interested in writing/ delivering a Khutbah (sisters can have their Khutbahs read by any male) this semester, please contact Abdul Latif (arl24



7:00 pm CML

If you're here still, please do join us for a Friday social iA! This will be preceeded by our GBM.



Saturday, 11 am at the CML

This week we will be continuing our discussion from last week on  religion, science, atheism, and agnosticism, with guest speaker Eric Chalfant. Eric is a graduate student in the Department of Religious Studies at Duke, studying modern secularism and atheism, and the experiences of American atheists in particular.


MSA Exec Meetings

Sundays, 6:00 pm, Languages 208

Feel free to join us at our MSA Exec meetings! Minutes from the more recentmeeting here.



  #>Email your brotha Zohair at zohair dot zaidi AT duke dot edu to be removed from this list,

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